TvdB Photography: Inspirations by Tim van den Berg

Mission Statement:
Visions, reflections and expressions to inspire wholeheartedness in individuals with the purpose of empowering the viewers through original images and words. The focus is human lifestyles, earthly wonders expressed in simplest terms using original photography.

About Tim:

After spending decades in the creative analog and digital world as an award winning music producer, recording engineer, digital audio designer and test engineer, Tim van den Berg found himself immersed in the world of photography. 

You will find Tim on the coast, in the mountains or on the sidelines of a sporting event capturing images that reveal spirit and character, causing the viewer to look a little longer at a picture to see something deeper. His leveraging of odd angles, color filters and perspectives on otherwise normal events is his unique approach to delivering images that are uniquely inspiring.

Tim is also known as an inspirational sports’ coach, creative writer and speaker, musician, songwriter and performer. He has earned an Oscar, Grammy and Emmy for his work as a usability expert at AVID (Digidesign)Technology for his the Pro Tools software product line.

Finding the Light in the Dark