For nearly 15 years Tim has had the treasurable, good fortune to manage or coach his sons and daughter in baseball, soccer, basketball, and even some youth golf. In all those times, One of the key pieces of gear he carried - along with first-aid kits, extra socks, mitts, balls, tape, water bottles… - was a camera; capturing over six thousands shots of kids young athletes on and off the field, in their moments of triumph and defeat. Whether in motion or in stillness he has proven a unique gift in creating truly storytelling shots throughout many seasons, over many years creating timeless memories for the athletes and their loved ones.

Through his shooting experiences and photo review, Tim has honed the skills of being in the right position and knowing where to focus, when to wait and when to capture. Being well versed in each sport’s rules, the speed, the limits, the probable outcomes, the likely drama ensures results in the capture of strong images of the athletes’ experience and expressions on the field, court, bench or dugout. The photography goal is to capture their routine, their actions, their contemplation, their reactions; the grins, grit, laughs and light.

The focus is the athlete’s face, not the ball, which results in captures that stand out from the general output derived from cameras held by family members whose attention is varied, as it should be, during their child's game offering spectators the chance to focus on your child.

A gallery of images is provided for viewing and selection of top ten favorites. Our team is happy to work with you to choose the winning captures that will go into a collage produced by Tim van den Berg and printed in vivid metal format giving you a unique and striking wall mount of your child revealing their greatness.

Our sincere wish is to help you preserve the character and greatness of your young athlete!


Voila, a "Sportrait" we shall make together.
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