TvdB Photography: Inspirations by Tim van den Berg

Mission Statement:
Turning a still moment in time, light and shadow that tells the story (perspective) and beyond that the viewer's story. (Relationships.)

Thus a storied relationship that lasts a lifetime.

About Tim:

An artist, a creator, a poet and a musician. A self-taught photographer who knows the "rules" but prefers to get beyond the norm and discover unique perspectives and approaches to capturing those looks and moments that may escape one's normal line of vision.

Tim has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 45 years. He is a proud father of three children. His professional careers have included roles in software design, test engineering, thousands of hours in recording studios, performing, and volunteering in his community. He loves to channel his creative talents for others’ inspiration through writing, speaking, photography and music. He is excited for his latest subjects of canines and pets as we all know the powerful relationship and the unconditional love these relationships produce.

Finding the Light in the Dark