TvdB Photography: Inspirations by Tim van den Berg

Mission Statement:
Visions, reflections and expressions to inspire wholeheartedness in individuals with the purpose of empowering the viewers through original images and words. The focus is human lifestyles, earthly wonders expressed in simplest terms using original photography.

About Tim:

Tim's photography is designed to support those embracing a sober living, as it serves as an inspiring and healthy passion of his. He offers support, education, experience, resources, planning and a personally-attuned ear to your unique circumstances so together we can identify and work around those obstacles to a successful recovery and design a new game plan to get you on course to solid sobriety as a way of life. 12-step programs, mindfulness practices, Rapid Resolution Therapy, rehab, inpatient, outpatient, counseling, Sober Life Coaching. Let him help you find your way and create a new map to a brighter life that fits your ideals. Find his Sober Living home page here: TvdB Inspirations


Tim also host and offers a sober apparel site, So Ber It, where clothes and products of his original slogans and designs are available for purchase. These proceeds benefit lower cost recovery services and promotes the new wave of shameless sobriety living. (Note this website named "" is a old-time reference to my early days in music production and photography...)


Tim has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 45 years. He is a proud father of three children. His professional careers have included roles in software design, test engineering, thousands of hours in recording studios, performing, and volunteering in his community. He loves to channel his creative talents for others’ inspiration through writing, speaking, photography and music. He is excited for society’s current transition of seeing those in recovery as an empowering example of the human spirit conquering fears and shame.

Finding the Light in the Dark